Install Authenticator extension in Edge

Install from Chrome Web Store

Edge users can install Authenticator from Chrome Web Store. Learn more about how to add an extension to Microsoft Edge from the Chrome Web Store, see

Why Authenticator is removed from Microsoft Edge store

The Edge version has been rejected in certification and Microsoft refuses to be specific as to why this is happening.

Thank you for contacting us. The product, including its listing, does not accurately represent the product and may mislead users. Your product may not use a name or icon that is too similar to that of other products. Products need to have unique functionality and value in the Store. You may want to review the metadata section of our Product Quality guidelines here:

The reason could be the extension’s name, Authenticator, is too generic, and Microsoft Edge team believes that may mislead some users.

Any plan for the future

We have realized the generic name is a problem, and we are working on renaming the extension to a more recognizable name.