Edge Privacy Policy

This document only applies to the Edge version of Authenticator.


Data Storage and Use

Authenticator may store your account name, secret key, account issuer, and other necessary information for the sole purpose of generating and displaying two factor authentication codes. Authenticator relies on built-in storage services provided by Edge. We claim no responsibility over your data when you use Authenticator. Technical documentation on how we store your data is available here. Your data stays on your device and is not transmitted to us nor any third parties.

Managing Your Data

You can download a copy of your data using the Export / Import menu’s Download Backup button. Currently, due to a bug in Edge, it is not possible to use the Download Backup button; in the meantime please follow these instructions to get your data: Backing up in Edge. You can delete your data by pressing the pencil in the top-right corner and clicking the red minus next to the entry you want to delete or by uninstalling the extension. You can add a password to encrypt your data in the Security menu.


If you have any questions regarding Authenticator please open an issue.