Google Drive Integration Privacy

Data Storage and Use

Authenticator stores data by using storage services built into your browser; we don’t ever see or have direct control over your data. We do not claim any responsibility over your data as we have no direct control over it.

When you sign into your Google Account from Authenticator, Authenticator will start to automatically upload your account secrets to Google Drive for the purpose of backing up your data. Authenticator does not store any information from your Google Account other than the credentials needed to upload files to your Drive and the identifier of the folder Authenticator uploads backups to.

Managing Your Data

You can stop Authenticator from uploading your data to Google Drive at any time by going to the Storage & Backup menu, clicking on the Google Drive button, and then by clicking on Logout. Alternatively, you can go to your Google Account settings and revoke Authenticator’s access to your account via the Third-party apps with account access section. Logging out or revoking access will not delete the data Authenticator uploaded to your Drive. You can manage the data Authenticator uploaded to Google Drive by using the file management interface provided at to navigate to the automatically created Authenticator Backups folder.


If you have any questions regarding Authenticator please open an issue.